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Victorian Fireplaces specialise in antique fireplaces in Cape Town. We only make fireplaces to order, meaning that each of our fireplaces is unique.
Our core business is the traditional built-in fireplace made from firebricks (the size and style of which can vary) and the mantle pieces that surround them, as well as anything to do with Victorian fireplaces and the old Victorian marble mantlepieces.
We are experts in refurbishing and repairing Victorian and antique fireplaces and their surrounds. We make a variety
of fireplace floors (hearths) from granite, slate, marble, or sandstone. 
We also specialize in the manufacturing and customizing of Chimney Pots and we stock firedogs and other fireplace accessories at our showroom in Retreat, Cape Town.

Victorian Fireplaces - Cape Chimneys. Repair and restoration of fireplaces

Open fireplaces - Victorian Fireplaces - Cape Chimneys.

The Victorian Era

The period of 1937 – 1901 (the period of the reign of Queen Victoria) is called the Victorian Era. The Victorians loved ornate and elaborate furniture and decor. Fireplaces from this era are classified in two sub-styles – early to mid-Victorian fireplaces and late Victorian fireplaces. The early Victorian fireplaces are generally extremely ornate with delicate and intricate designs of a floral nature. The mid to late Victorian fireplaces became more geometric in design with a cleaner and simpler look.

These fireplaces have stood the test of time and are still extremely popular and are often reproduced in modern homes.