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Chimney Pots

We specialize in the manufacturing and customizing of chimney pots. Below are a few samples of some of the work that we have done.


Chimney Pots - Victorian Fireplaces


Chimney Pots - Victorian FireplacesChimney Pots - VIctorian Fireplaces
























How a chimney pot is made


A chimney pot sits at the topmost part of the smokestack and it’s there to aid the chimney in producing a better draft for combustion. Chimney pots may even help to prevent smoke billowing into the room.

Chimney pots also protect the opening of the chimney from weather, debris from trees as well as protecting the inside of the chimney from rain, snow and rodents and birds that might wish to find shelter or nest inside the chimney.

When you see a chimney stack with more that one pot on the top, it infers that there are a number of fireplaces on different floors of a house that share the chimney.

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