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Victorian Fireplaces Pinelands (Walsh Fireplaces) is a small fireplace company that has been in existence for more than 37 years.
We only make fireplaces to order, meaning that each fireplace is unique. Our core business is the traditional built-in fireplaces made from firebricks (the size and style of which can vary) and the mantle pieces that surround them, as well as anything to do with Victorian Fireplaces and the old Victorian Marble Mantlepieces.
We are experts in refurbishing and repairing Victorian fireplaces and their surrounds. We make a variety of Fireplace floors (hearths) from Granite, Slate, Marble, or Sandstone. Our knowledge of Victorian Fireplaces is extensive.
Due to the fact that Open-type fireplaces are built to order, we also make Fire grates and Ironmongery work to order, so that they fit the fireplace. We also have Firedogs, Old fashioned grates, Victorian fireplaces in stock, and a showroom where you are able to view samples. 

We also specialize in the manufacturing and customizing of Chimney Pots.

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