Antique Fireplace Restoration & Repair - Cape Chimneys

Open Fireplaces

An open fireplace is a space in a wall of a house or building in which a fire can be lit. A chimney takes the smoke out of the house. 


We specialize in the manufacture and design of open fireplaces. Open fireplaces create wonderful ambiance in your home as well as providing a heat source that is both effective and beautiful. 


open fireplaces


We manufacture the following:

  • Wooden Fireplaces
  • Marble Fireplaces
  • Sandstone Fireplaces
  • Victorian Fireplaces
  • Open Fireplaces
  • Braai Areas
  • Wrought Iron Grates
  • Chimney Pots
  • Stair Cases
  • Victorian Tiled Hearth (floor)

We also:

  • Repair & Maintenance of Victorian Fireplaces.
  • Supply parts for Victorian Fireplaces
  • Supply of Victorian tiles
  • Do Wood Carving
  • Clean Fireplaces & Chimney
  • Fireplace Designs